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Aks Sado. Vladimir Bocharov

10/05/23 Aks Sado. Vladimir Bocharov

The inaugural installment of the Aks Sado audio diary series features a captivating sonic collage by Vladimir Bocharov, a sound artist, experimental musician, and member of the presidiomodelo collective from Novosibirsk, whose creations delve into the immersive capabilities of sound structures, employing a blend of synthesized tones and manipulated field recordings to transport the listener to various realms of consciousness.

Field recordings captured by Vladimir Bocharov during November 2022 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

All tracks by Aks Sado residents (exc. 02):
01. Ajokki - String Box Song
02. Turgun Alimatov - Navo
03. presidiomodelo - Bye
04. Ilia Golitsyn - Excerpts from jam on LYRA-8
05. винер - Treble
06. Ilia Golitsyn - Korkut
07. Dyad - Live excerpt

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