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Магия и Власть

07/12/20 Магия и Власть

Магия и Власть (Magik and Power) is a postgenre compilation that comprises the works of 15 unknown electronic musicians from the countries of CIS. The curator's (THE DEMIURGE) concept amounts to the title and encourages its free interpretation. Magik as a modus of direction of will and free transformation through sound, and power as a manifestation of sonic matter from nothing. In other respects, the compilation is fuelled by spontaneity, lightness, outsider spirit and deconstruction, that run through the tracks, creating its bipolar calmly-anxious mood. The magic, irrational world exits in this compilation despite the accepted conventions of logic, society and market.

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AS VH - hard
Igor Maximillian - Cordyceps
Даниил Дука - восторг морг лав стори (remix by родина родников)
trauma лун - немота бледной луны
иннокентий трупный - канализация
Ostranenie - Magnolia
dharma getto - flow
Daria Goroshilova - Saaan
Facial Agnosia - Plague morning
vitalinair - Authentic Cruelty
заблеск - оползень
Соня Стилхъаш - Pola X
kraaa - Sol Invictus
lehrer - ДУШЕ
отражение искажения - palewoods

Magik voice by Romanski

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