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POKORA 006 – Minua

23/09/21 POKORA 006 – Minua

For the first guest mix of the POKORA series, Luka Aron of the band Minua presents a selection of favourite music that inspired their latest tape Simulacra.

Yoshi Wada – Off The Wall Pt. 1
Blue Gene Tyranny – Timing
Ludwig Wandinger – Spiritual Decay
Catherine Christer Hennix – Music of Auspicious Clouds
Skúli Sverrisson/Yungchen Lhamo/Anthony Burr – They Hold It for Certain
FUJI||||||||||TA – KŌMORI
Luka Aron – Barbed & Seeded [unreleased]
James Tenney – Septet (1981) for Six Electric Guitars and Bass
Minua – Order of Instants
Luka Aron – Divisions of the Field [unreleased]
Éliane Radigue/Charles Curtis – Occam V (2012)

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