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Actual Grammar

20/03/23 Actual Grammar

Joe Gilmore and Paul Emery join the to present the next installment of their Actual Grammar series, delving deeper into the world of experimental, avant-garde, and conceptual music with biannual episodes.

Artist: Track Title (Album Title, Label)

1. Melody Newton: Marions les Roses (Malicorne cover) (From Computer With Love Vol.4 - Dautzenberg Press)
2. Daniel Kordik-N.O. Moore: Axiom of Pairing (Ciphers, Superpang)
3. Kim Changhee: Outdated_023646 (Outdated, dingn/dents)
4. mHz: 05-06-21 / 15-03-00 (Same Room, Another Day, Line)
5. Valdislav Delay: Wallfacer (Hide Behind the Silence EP1, Rajaton)
6. Daniel M Karlsson: Twentyfourth (Noisevember, Bandcamp)
7. Matthias Puech: Mt. Hadamard National Park (Mt Hadamard National Park, Hallow Ground)
8. Exael: ghoul search (Cartoon Goth, Boomkat Editions)
9. Ale Hop: Tensegrity Rhythms (Utopia or Oblivion, Constructive Music)
10. Kakuhan: MT-DMZ (Metal Zone, Nakid)
11. Flaty: TARG20_29_142 (unreleased)
12. RM Francis: musique en pause (pedimos un mensaje, Superpang)
13. Takuma Watanabe: Text (Last Afternoon, SN Variations)
14. Lucie Simone: Chute (Compilation #4, Fenêtre Ovale)
15. Pent: ex2n (live 2, self-released)
16. Diogo Tudela: Deep Band Modulation Trance (Deep Band Modulation Trance, CCSS++)
17. SDEM: Ts950 (unreleased)
18. Eric Lanham: CSFEO Alt (Objet Dirt, Soda Gong)
19. Deli Kuvveti: Symbiotic (SY, Fort Evil Fruit)
20. Noémi Büchi: Paroxysm (Paroxysm, Longform Editions)
21. S. Mercure: 2:29" (30:15", Archive Officielle)
22. Emma DJ: LOVE CABS (Not Listening, Collapsing Market)
23. a0n0: Distance (Underground Sea, Generate and Test)
25. Joe Beedles: UEDE (Sinecures, Superpang)
26. Dave Murray: Rust (CODE034, Codependent)
27. Moroni: SPHERO 2.0 (Vis-Viva, OOH-Sounds)
28. Atte Elias Kantonen: (((((((((((( (Noodles, self-released)
29. Parsa: B (CODE147, Codependent)
30. KMRU: mist (glim, self-released)
31. Serwed: Scruff (Serwed III, Anwo Records)
32. Howes: Untitled A (The Weathertenko, YOUTH)

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