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devanture – stellage & entr'acte

13/11/19 devanture – stellage & entr'acte

Double episode of the stellage store's devanture. The first part consists of music released by Entr'acte over the years, mixed by stellage. The next hour is a collaborative effort by Entr'acte's boss Allon Kaye and Yves De Mey.

E’ as mixed by stellage
1. HamaYôko – Hanabi
from album ‘HamaYôko 4/29’ published as E48
2. Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli - La Pelle
from album ‘The Future Of Discipline’ published as E206
3. Transistor - Never Again
from album ‘The Horde’ published as E212
4. Will Montgomery, Brian Marley - Legend [Speech] D
from album ‘Legend’ published as E67
5. Musarc, Neil Luck – Namesaying
from album ‘Bloody Sirens’ published as E228
6. Adam Asnan - Mythcigc II.5
from album ‘Mythcigc II’ published as E216
7. Evol - Punani Rubberist [excerpt]
from album ‘Punani Rubberist’ published as E54
8. Gerard Herman - Heatsink Mustang
from album ‘Die Paste, Die Wrong’ published as E208
from album ‘MCRTNL’ published as E220
10. Tom Mudd - Gutter Synthesis 3
from album ‘Gutter Synthesis’ published as E226
11. Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli - Ciò che non sarà capito
from album ‘La Casa delle Chimere’ published as E230
12. Joachim Nordwall - The Message Is Very Simple [excerpt]
from ‘The Message Is Very Simple’ published as E210
13. Dale Cornish - Aqal Pattern 6
from album ‘Aqal’ published as E215
14. Christopher McFall – West
from album ‘Four Feels For Fire’ published as E42
15. John Wall, Alex Rodgers – Elfsimage / Blueblack / Choiced
from album ‘Rafia Longer’ published as E193
16. Kallabris - I Wouldn't Want Them Monks For Coffee
from album ‘Plays And Sings For Money’ published as E221


Allon Kaye b2b Yves De Mey
Street industrial area skyline traffic distant train; Montreal
Beta Evers: Out of my life
Steelplant; factory; industrial
Siren; police; wailer
Pile driver; large heavy pile driving machine; pounding; cartoon; construction 10
Fax Yourself: Psyko Beat
Cicadas active hollow
Amazon jungle forest
Horn/factory/siren/industry; vintage
VVV: Sellin’ my Monkeys
New York syline traffic from New York office block; heavy brake squeals with occasional car horns
Vehicles, Metro, approach, people getting off
Radio, police; New York City radio
Hot-rod car
Chrome: In a Dream
The Electrified Horses
Mark Fell: Abjection
Doon Kanda: Feline
Parade; marching band; bagpipes
45 Acp: Hang in There
Altern-8: Come With Me (Holocaust 7_ edit)
Large rock crowd cheers for diva; large crowd cheers as diva walks onstage
Comtron: Greed & Finance
Whipped-up musical interlude by Yves De Mey with long rolling bass drums, sci-fi ambience and rattly percussive hits
Dilemma: Square
Industry, ambience steel works
Bang; prison door loop
PFN: Für Cleo
Walk; underground passageway
Voices_ crackling radio voice 1 37 tech & secret
Old barn; empty; wind
Church pipe organ playing music; congregation singing hymn
Arnold Steiner: Inertia Collision
Footsteps, wood; creaky floor
Small audience laughs then claps
S’Express: Lolly Pop
River Schelde
Shitcluster: Untitled
CTCK vibration oil drum bolt rattles; tremoring bursts

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