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devanture – stenogramme 3

28/01/20 devanture – stenogramme 3

Electroacoustic music, drone, minimalism and other experiments from the recent releases available via Stellage.

Rodent – Conviction Trap (from Despair Procedure, Muzan Editions)
Andre Vida – 202ccc / Soppfroggy (from Minor Differences, Entr'acte)
John Butcher / Rhodri Davies - Lithographie (from Drunk On Dreams, Cejero)
Luciano Maggiore – untitled 8 (from 9 Enclosures, Senufo Editions)
Jim Haynes – Ashes (from The Decline Effect, Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Distant Animals – Pure Drone (from Lines, Hallow Ground)
Richard Francis – C.57 (from Combinations (3), Senufo Editions)
NYZ – FM80PcellorgNSW (from FLD RCRDST, Entr'acte)

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