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U006 Ready to Wear ep.1 – rPh Readymade Realism

23/05/24 U006 Ready to Wear ep.1 – rPh Readymade Realism

rPh, an electronic music producer and DJ from Nairobi, Kenya, signs the first episode of the new Ready-to-Wear season.

In this episode entitled “Readymade Realism”, he demonstrates his interest in constructing meanings through recontextualization, relying, as a thread running through the set, on audio excerpts from “Capitalist Realism” by Mark Fischer, which depicts a historical and social horizon closed in on the commodity and its alienation.

Ready-to-wear is a chronicle of our current era.
Ready-to-wear is a ready-made.
Ready-to-wear is a currency.
Ready-to-wear is a performance.
Ready-to-wear is an architecture.
Ready-to-wear is an urbanism.
Ready-to-wear is an everyday heroism.
Ready-to-wear is an ornament.

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