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U007 Ready to Wear ep.2 – aairs - PAP2802024

28/06/24 U007 Ready to Wear ep.2 – aairs - PAP2802024

The second episode of Ready-to-Wear, the aairs duo’s contribution to our series, interweaves two points of departure.

The first of these is The Detroit Escalator Company’s track “Gathering Memory”, which begins with an in-situ recording of a directional instruction given to a woman who seems to have lost her way in Detroit.

The second is the opening of “Mammame” by Jean-Claude Gallota and Serge Houpin, a modern ballet that, like an alternative to a Samuel Beckett drama, begins with the fall of a man.

From one to the other, these 58 minutes of sound allow us to follow the dance through a permanent, ephemeral veil of data and images. One movement calls for another, disappearing then reappearing transformed.

01. Enaune – Algro
02. The Detroit Escalator Co. – Gathering Memory
03. Tara Clerkin Trio – Brigstow
04. Augusti Fernandez – Relacions
05. Henri Torgue & Serge Houpin – Mammame (ouverture)
06. Will Guthrie – Breaking Bones
07. slowfoam – Mirror Stone
08. ISAN – Little Boy Sitting Up in Bed Looking Up At The Moon
09. Felisha Ledesma – Beamsplitters
10. Haruomi Hosono – Ambient Meditation #3
11. Arno Graul – Eisenbahn Und Bahnhof
12. Ro70 – Alma
13. Kosei Fukuda – 哀憐 Airen
14. Parasite Jazz – Alarm Twist
15. Nina Harker – kanál
16. Philipp Otterbach – When The Fish Travels
17. Francis Plagne – XI
18. Funcionário – Publicidade Arco e Flecha
19. The Art Of Noise – Opus 4
20. Short-Term Memory – City In Mind
21. Kassel Jaeger – Shifted in Dreams
22. Moin – Foot Wrong
23. Leonardo Martelli – Leggende metropolitane

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