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holoherz – Splitting the Second live

11/11/20 holoherz – Splitting the Second live

Live recording of Splitting the Second, a performance by the Moscow-based sound artist Yulia Glukhova or holoherz. The performance employs a contact microphone that picks up the interval of a second from a wristwatch, which is expanded in Max/MSP until it lasts a whole minute and then shrunk back.

The work loosely refers to the Leon Theremin's concept of microscopy of time, according to which in order to properly understand the life of microorganisms we need to change the time scale to their linear dimension. This is how a time microscope would sound if it existed, splitting the second, zooming in and discovering all the unique moments that made up second.

Recorded on 10.10.2020 at Mutabor.

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