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Klammklang – 5 YRS Special

28/11/18 Klammklang – 5 YRS Special

Mixed by Stas Sharifullin, the first episode of Klammklang show celebrates the fifth anniversary with a 55-minute, 34-track mixtape. It presents a summary of label’s future and past highlights, taking the form of a «best of» that simultaneously merges with a personal audio diary of selected field and live recordings from the last five years.

Featured artists:
Art Crime, Aseptic Stir, Auguste Vickunaite & Hugo Esquinca, Averrge, Bugaev, Galina Ozeran, Hippies Wearing Muzzles, Foresteppe, KP Transmission, Margenrot, Mårble, Nikita Bondarev, Sergei Demin, Vlad Dobrovolski, Vladimir Luchansky, Vulva Sun, Wheel, Zurkas Tepla.

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