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Klammklang – Automotrice

13/02/19 Klammklang – Automotrice

Automotrice is Saint Petersburg's Natalia Naumova, Andrey Kashin and Yury Kuznetsov. The trio assembles dense sonic textures populated by field recordings and a myriad of electroacoustic sonorities, resulting in the emergence of sounds akin to noise and ambient. Their mixtape is a deeply immersive listening session weaving together musique concréte, avantgarde electronic music and electromagnetic impulses of psychoactive plants.

Richard Chartier — A Field For Recordings
Michael Prime — Contour Of A Forgotten Landscape
Antenna Farm & Main — AF_M_1
Bernhard Günter — Écriture Automatique (For Giancarlo Toniutti)
Toshiya Tsunoda & Taku Unami — In The City, Fire Sirens
Marc Behrens — Architectural Commentary 1
Massimo Toniutti — Scraps Upon Tempered Fields
MNortham & Jgrzinich — Remanent Magnetism

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