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Радио Морфей – Сомнамбула 08: 11112222

05/04/18 Радио Морфей – Сомнамбула 08: 11112222

О темноте, что отражает свет души.

1. Conqueror's Mourn - You can hear the glacial rhythms traveling across the cold air before you see what strange throat.
2.NYIÞ - Decompose.
3.Vinterdvala - En Forntida Värld.
4.Dragon Teeth Productions - Among the World's Roots.
5.Shelter ov Shadows - Lay My Corpse In The Arms Of The White Oak.
6.Vinterdvala - Architeuthis - U-995.
7.Dybbuk - The Yellow Sign.
8.Wayfarer -White Queen of the Mountains.
9.Alex Crispin - 4.
10.An Old Sad Ghost -Witchcraft Poetry.

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