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Music for the End of the World 05 – Evgeny Bylina

16/03/20 Music for the End of the World 05 – Evgeny Bylina

COVID-19, economic crisis, endless presidency and political stagnation — the coming storm is getting harder to ignore and “the end of the world” seems to be in its fullest (not being a burst, but a gradual decomposition). The word “self-isolation” has become a marker of reality: the virus, as well as capitalism, delegates responsibility to an individual, locking us up in fragile high-rises and restricting access to the collective body.

However, perceiving crisis and pause as a means of interrupting the linear time and a resource of alternative thought isn’t new. Probably that’s why the 5th episode of Music for the End of the World turns to new-age related electronic music. It’s not interested in the esoteric contents of such arts, but in its manner of dealing with reality — through constant reinvention of collective subjectivity and search for new utopian horizons.

The selection includes some classic tracks and archive reissues, along with music released via modern niche cassette labels. Some oversights in the tracklist are possible.


Pulse Emitter — Winds
Laraaji/Lyghte — Equinox
The Ghostwriters — Land of Pandas
Emerald Web — Valley Of the Birds
Mychael Danna & Tim Clement — Summerland (Hours in Garden)
Takatoshi Naitoh — In The Forest
Joanna Brouk — The Space Between
Hiroshi Yoshimura — Kotoritachi No Kafe (Cafe)
Lunaria — Lullaby for the Clouds
Electric Sound Bath — Hands into Stones
Brian James Griffith — Focusing on Cosmological Time
Masahiro Sugaya — Future Green
Inoyama Land — Hair Air
Alex Crispin — Green Ember
zake — Laudation (featuring Wayne Robert Thomas)
Terekke — l8r h8r
Viul — Outside the Dream World
Huerco S. — Promises of Fertility

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