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Music for the End of the World 06 – Vladimir Luchansky

13/08/21 Music for the End of the World 06 – Vladimir Luchansky

Vladimir Luchansky, a multi-intrumentalist and improviser from Saint Petersburg, with an interactive psychoacoustic collage.

“We are quite complicated and multilayered beings, bearing the humongous luggage of various things through time and space. The same is with this mix which is a gathering of many conditions I was experiencing since November, 2011 when I made my first purchase on
Since the very start I knew that it will be a great chance to delve into things that have caught my eye for the last ten years, blow the dust off them and pick those that still resonate. Of course, it did not without oddities that are not on Bandcamp — I had to convert some tracker music into mp3 and I can’t recall when I did that last time.
Thus said, I present this intensive collage full of events to you. Lots of effort was put to make all these combinations interesting to listen for. Headphones strongly recommended to experience the panoramic play at its full glory. It’s also very interactive and you can control your listening experience by focusing on different tempos or timbres — try to shift your attention from one rhythm to another, bring melodies and songs to front or ignore them.
Many thanks to Egor, Eugene, Mike, Anton, mom, dad and literally everyone.”

Tracklist (in alphabet order):

Barnard's Star - Gulfstream
Ben Sollee - Bend
Betsy Soukup - To Objectify
Bisamråtta + Foresteppe - Time
BLOAR - Bristow
Blz - September
Charmaine Lee - Milk
Denis Sorokin - Stichera by Varlaam Rogov
DIIV - Druun
Don Caballero - New Laws
Fra Ola Narr - Skrullingen
Fred Frith - Water Under the Bridge (for Jimmy Giuffre)
Fucked Up - Our Own Blood
The Full Salon - Human Possibilities
Henry Threadgill - 100 Year Old Game
I am just a Pupil - Time Heals
Japanese Ash - Conny
John Zorn - Tashlikh (fast)
Kevin Shea - Places I've Been Around The World
Ko0x - Way to ur heart
Luzmila Carpio - Tillpi tillpila
Matkhåverskan - Drömland
Marc Ribot - Haitian Suite - Coumbite (Merci Bon Dieu)
Natural Snow Buildings - Bloody Snow
The Sun Days - Busy People
Trond Asmund Svenkerud & Sturla Eide Sundli - "Trakteringslåt" Av Sturla Eide Sundli
Twin Cabins - I'm Sure
Жарок - Джан
СВ Хутор - Потому что я черкес

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