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Music for the End of the World 07 – Atariame

08/03/24 Music for the End of the World 07 – Atariame

Seventh edition of the program “Music for the End of the World” invites the musician Natalia Salmina, known as Ataraime. In her music she is bringing together fragile folk, warm ambient, soundscape noise and jazzy downtempo.

In this show, Ataraime has collected music that serves as inspiration for her work, balancing on the edge of indie pop and experimental ambient. Perhaps this is the most diverse issue in terms of genres in our cycle: dream-pop and Soviet psychedelia, piano sketches and anti-rock coexist with each other. The fragile and at the same time bold combination of diverse musical practices brings us back to the original essence of the mixtape — the transfer of personal experience: an artifact of everyday life and listening.

Blue Lake — Green-Yellow Field
Omni Gardens — Rain Jacket
Svaneborg Kardyb — Morgendvale
Soft Phase — Puritymachine
Hater — Something
Matthew Wilcock — Uncertainity
Oliver Patrice Weder — Lana
Fabiano de Nascimento & Sam Gendel — Astral Flow
Chromagain — Killing Dome (demo)
Dream Wife — Lolita
The Pleroma — Даремно
Химера — Пётр
Tom Jarmey — Magnify
Mountain Realm — Temple Halls
Distractor — Devotion
Ntombi Ndaba — Is This Your Love
Sonlife — The Quiet
Rosche — Sea
Mistress Bomb H — Ta France
Veil of Light — Apricot Kiss
Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru — Homesickness
Fancy Books — Sister Carry Stars
Plastic DJ — Break Down the Walls

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