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Музыка для конца света 04 – Sophia Zhuravkova

28/08/19 Музыка для конца света 04 – Sophia Zhuravkova

Sophia Zhuravkova, a musician, dj and video artist from Moscow plays melodic, contemplative ambient music composed of field recordings, electronic and electroacoustic sounds, drones and spoken word.

Basic House - Sleeping Sickness
Anthony Linell - Winds of Naelden
Otik - Theia
Burial - State Forest
Tetsu Inoue - Health Loop
P Relief - Heat M.Geddes
Gengras - Nave
o̶t̶i̶l̶o̶ - euphoria
Tutti Harp - Neony
Ron Morelli - The Sun Beats Stronger As Each Day
Oliviaway - Nine steps
Lensk - Im Rauch (Lensk sleepless edit)
DJ Healer-Intro Varg & Vanity Productions - Hud
M. Sage - Mobley Dip

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