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Out of Season 03 – Theory Therapy

15/12/22 Out of Season 03 – Theory Therapy

“Somewhat dreamily, Pierre Dupont put down his magazine. The 'Fasten seat belt' notice had gone out. He adjusted his earphones, selected Channel 5 and allowed himself to be invaded by the adagio of Joseph Haydn's Concerto No.1 in E major. For a few hours (the time it would take to fly over the Mediterranean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal), he would be alone at last.”

Recorded by Gary Hunter in November on Gadigal land.


Theodore Cale Schafer - Untitled
kindtree - 0.3
Ewer - Detached Sculpture
Leaf Miner - Remnant, Remains
Forest Management - Kool Klub / Kiosk
Sonmi451 - Pearl Jet
J. Albert - Saved
Quench - Nightshelf
Liai - Rebach
Concave Reflection - Vertigo / Ostinago
OL - Footprint
Nueen - Nodes
JJ+JS - Low Western
Third Space - Roulette (J Remix, with Emile Frankel)
Hoavi - Transition State
Alexi Baris - Variegated Mood
Khotin - Your Favourite Building
Terre Thaemlitz - Millenial Muzak

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