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fermata w/ Mark Dartau

09/12/21 fermata w/ Mark Dartau

Mark Dartau is a DJ and a part of the Ugly club crew in St. Petersburg. Together with the show host Nikita, they recorded an hour-long ambient selection comprised of deep dub sounds and their glitched abrasive variations.

Mark Dartau:
The Humble Bee - With Answers
Oval - Catchy DAAD
Microstoria - Zuhause
Picnic - Dewey
Intelec - Antártida
Topdown Dialectic - A2

Akihiko Matsumoto — No.2 Pulse
Isol — Clear
Shuttle358 — Floops
Fourcolor — 2 Strings
Information — Sufficient Sunlight
Pimmon — Evil Household Ceremony
Su Tissue — 2nd Movement

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