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fermata w/ Thriwax

02/11/21 fermata w/ Thriwax

For this fermata episode, Nikita Morozov invited the Russian producer Thriwax. The mix is a textural sound collage of noises, field recordings and compositions of different genres, forming a heterogeneous narrative soundscape.

Slugabed - drifting in and out
Lafawndah feat. Lala ce - Le Malentendu
Lauren Duffus - Soho Road (Crying Song)
Ayankoko feat. Klangbuero Aude LP - Nobody
Resel - Climate
Sorcery feat. Elsiane - ERRM
Nueen - Hum
Loraine James Baths - On The Lake Outside
Gersemi - Ajna I
Infant - Presence
Heathered Pearls Nick Murphy - Basic Needs (feat. Nick Murphy)
PLUM - view
Shanique Marie feat. Swing Ting - Give Thanks (Smooth Take)
Aires - Pink Freckles

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