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fermata – sugar armor w/qwqwqwqwa

05/03/20 fermata – sugar armor w/qwqwqwqwa

For this episode of fermata, Nikita Morozov invited the electronic producer qwqwqwqwa. Sugar Armor is a selection of works by little known producers who tend to combine different genres.

Piag3t - Training-facilities
Ana Caprix x Kamixlo - Como Si Fuera Tu Ultimo
FRKTL — Fire Upon The Deep
Entr’acte - Stacks (E247; 2019)
avril23 -so today yeah you will rememberharpey home
yikki- lilac butterfly (dasychira cauldron pot twist)
flagalova- waste of time
7038634357 - sugar armor
why be - di qui chains choking me slicee
boy girl - my mind like explosions (bfft)
merely forever (sun angels remix)
otro slaves angels
cedric madden - racer
kenji - shizuka
lilknife - never asked you
noctilucents - do without you (pitch39s long mix)
waste - thorns
yung lean - blue plastic

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