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PBA – Andrew Pekler: Juxtapositions II

05/11/19 PBA – Andrew Pekler: Juxtapositions II

“Among other things, I’m interested in the representation of physical spaces / environments / locales / places through sound. Whether in recordings that ostensibly aspire towards objective documentation or in those that preemptively signal their own artificiality, I find myself most drawn to the juxtapositions of elements that seem to be occurring naturally and those that seem to be the product of synthesis, manipulation, or compositional intent. For me, a particular enchantment sets in when it becomes impossible to discern where the one ends and the other begins; “nature” and “artifice” refracting endlessly in one another’s likenesses.

And so the idea for this mix of (mostly) new music is that each piece (or combination of pieces) moves through (to my ears, at least) a very specific aural space where the above mentioned juxtaposition takes place (so to speak).

The mix includes excerpts from longer pieces by Hideki Umezawa and myself based on field recordings from the (non-phantom) island of Amami-Oshima. The full length pieces comprise a split album, to be released sometime in 2020.”

Scott Gailey - Pithy Line
Mdo with Ulla Strauss - Untitled
Felicity Magnan - Stereo’frog’ic (excerpt)
Hideki Umezawa - Dokkyu (excerpt)
Andrew Pekler - Amami Remote Extension (excerpt)
Giuseppe Ielasi - Even When They Speak of Space part 5
Yoshio Machida - Malaria
Seni Sana Sini - Intonasi (excerpt)
Leech - Amethyst (excerpt)
Nicola Ratti - K1/K2 (excerpt)
Wahono - Prambanan
Phil Struck - CCLT
Alessandro Brivio - SB (excerpt)
Sturm - Untitled
Knud Viktor - Les Éphémères (excerpt)
Sasha Zakharenko – Wet
Kazuya Matsumoto - 回す
Etelin - Water The Ferns (excerpt)
Kallie Lampel - Falling Guitar 5
Luciano Maggiore - Enclosure 3

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