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PBA – giovanni

05/10/22 PBA – giovanni

For this PBA episode Perila invited a relentless music digger from Italy giovanni, who recorded an hour long session of rare finds and curiosities.

karabasan drane - crystalline state
a gethsemani - impressions
n ev - ow
walton - maisie by the sea
warm currency - garden brawl
mathilde nobel - obstruction slash conflict
michael anklin - zymosis
thurston moore - the town
111 - acknowledgment
joyul - audible distance
stabat mors - monadologie 1
dogs lake - another winter
atrice - intensified
leo hofmann - anr melodrama
sugai ken - 夜鳴き小法師
lucy liyou & yska - a need
nikolajev - gafs
sebastiano carghini - daydream loopy
jon collin - for the hills
second woman - 900438an4
wojciech rusin - prima materia
jon collin - western swing
karma moffett, myriah rose - little tara
max de wardener - redshift
max de wardener - spell

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