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PBA – hew

01/11/22 PBA – hew

November's PBA episode is recorded by the Richmond, Virgina based artist, candle maker and Foil label co-runner, Matt Dowdy aka hew or dj candle.

lilic - Live in Kansas City 2
Laurin Huber - Puolipilvistä (Partly Cloudy)
Félicia Atkinson - Les Dunes
Ka Baird - West End
Monks of Daitokuji Temple, Stomu Yamash’ta, Genzan Miyoshi - Introduction Instrumental
The Caretaker - A confusion so thick you forget forgetting
Martyna Basta - In Tension There is a Bliss
Wanderwelle - The Horned Moon
Marja Ahti - Ashes Over Hatching Eggs
普化宗谷派虚鐸 関東道場 武蔵野道場 - 虚空(Kokū - Empty Sky)
Yoshio Ojima - Entrance
picnic - the when of you
Daisuke Miyatani - sampo
k2dj - acetate oil
Tomato Sauvage - Flying Vessels
outsidenightair - love feeling
deadharrie - Plant Franklin

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