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PBA – Ultrafog

14/11/18 PBA – Ultrafog

Personal Border Assistance is a new programme by Perila which explores the borderline where sound and emotion melt into one tangible movement. PBA is a sonic safe place to experience your boundaries at and transcend them.

First guest of the programme is the Tokyo-based artist Ultrafog. Be prepared for a full immersion intro scattered rhythms, dark mesmerising melodies, thick intricate ambient forms and psychedelic riffs all interweaved in a harmonious trip.

01 Nico Niquo - Lush Life
02 Bellows - Untitled
03 exael - choeo3
04 Yves Des May - Contrary Unto Them
05 JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER - Analogue Skillet
06 Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - Mutable Signs
07 Ulla Straus - house
08 Andrew Pekler - Rockslide
09 Valet - We Went There
10 Nadia Khan - Place Of Necessity

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