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prosthetic sentiments 01 – Beachers

27/09/21 prosthetic sentiments 01 – Beachers

For the takeover of the first episode of her new series, cerpintxt invites the London-based musician Daryl Worthington. With his project Beachers, Daryl works in the crossovers between accidental and composed sounds, hi and lo-fi audio, taking in an array of approaches, mixing analogue synthesis, field recordings, cassette tape collages, sample based music and the physicality and movements of radio transmissions.

Beachers – radio capture/field recordings Hastings beach 2020
Cucina Povera – Kahleet
Kate Carr – or the movements of the molecules and atoms that compose it
Ikue Mori - #5 more fairies
Nick Storring – Dome Extension
Phexioenesystems – Fluorescent Black (Hexany 1-3-11-13)
Beachers – radio capture
Asemix – Rehearsal Earthquake
Beachers – radio capture
Evvy Shark - Ms. Liza
Nicholas Langley – Final Wave
BAG X BEHRENS – Red Shifted
Helena Celle’s Correspondence Table – Backroad Angel
Beachers – forest recording Hastings 2020
Beachers – I remember outside (but does outside remember me?) (unreleased)
19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma - Ziemassvētki

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