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prosthetic sentiments 09 – Gyorgy Ono

14/03/24 prosthetic sentiments 09 – Gyorgy Ono

A turntablist extreme plunderphonics mix by Gyorgy Ono, presented at Boundary Condition .05 in IKLECTIK Art Lab. An amalgamation of primal musique concrete, anti-ambient, and percussive non-music.

Gyorgy Ono is a Georgian artist whose work explores fragmentation through a spice of occult exotica, from spoken word, hissy cassette experiments, and slithery snake rhythms amongst blissfully delinquent ambiences. His acts of sonic recycling recontextualize borrowed sounds, fabricating their new purpose and infusing life into the archaic.

Mapping a sound-world which delves into arcane stratospheres and probing melancholic wayward realms from far-flung corners of the universe. By cross-dressing of styles and periods, Ono unearths connections that form alliances, bridging the gaps in the sonic-constellation. A timelessness arises from this sonic archaeology and the rogue frequencies he traces from thin air, encompassing the visceral, serene, cathartic, and absurd.

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