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prosthetic sentiments 08 – Boundary Condition: Cameron Naylor

01/06/23 prosthetic sentiments 08 – Boundary Condition: Cameron Naylor

The piece is an acousmatic composition by Cameron Naylor, presented at Boundary Condition .07 across the 16.4 Amoneus Ambisonics system.

Cameron Naylor is a sound artist creating on the boundary of electroacoustic composition and audiovisual art. From synthesizing sound worlds with data sonification to creating procedural graphics and geo-locative augmented reality dramas, to utilizing generative composition, Cameron’s innovative viewpoint has allowed him to work consistently for both local and international organizations.

From forest to trains, this new mix presents a pastiche of memories. Sometimes tactile, other times abstract and otherworldly, it documents a personal transience experienced towards the end of 2022, and an ever-evolving practice behind both microphone, and speakers.

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