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prosthetic sentiments 10 – Carlos Casas: Avalanche Iteration with Cerpintxt

10/04/24 prosthetic sentiments 10 – Carlos Casas: Avalanche Iteration with Cerpintxt

A radio-friendly recording of the audiovisual quadrophonic iteration of Avalanche film by Carlos Casas with Cerpintxt, presented at Boundary Condition .06 in IKLECTIK Art Lab.

Avalanche is a multiformat work, an expanded ethnographic research, and film, based on the millenary spiritual richness of the Pamir region and its journey to oblivion. An audiovisual meditation on disappearance, and time as well as the unstoppable avalanche of civilisation. The film follows the dusk of a village and the endurance and resilience of its inhabitants and traditions.

Avalanche is about the archaic, the enduring spiritual relation between landscape and man, and the overlaying of traditions and rituals within the periphery of our modern world.

Avalanche is a well-known survival tale of rural life against the avalanche of civilization; a life-long ongoing document following the dusk of a village known as the roof of the world and bound to disappear.

The project is presented always as a live editing and live soundtrack environment, in collaboration with local musicians from each of the regions and cities it has been presented.

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