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Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – Kinked & Andrea D’Arsiè

11/06/24 Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – Kinked & Andrea D’Arsiè

For this Wide.Mesh episode Kinked hosts the Berlin based performer, musician and artist Andrea D’Arsiè.

Andrea D’Arsiè is a performer, musician and artist based in Berlin, who works with the body as matter permeated by transformative affects. He is interested in the performing arts as a way to share embodied experience and using voice as a tool to explore movement and sound.

Andrea studied visual arts, performing arts and dance in Venice and Berlin, and has been a danceWEB scholar in 2024. He has worked for performance artists such as Billy Bultheel and Isabel Lewis in the contexts of Berlin Atonal, Fondazione Prada, Santarcangelo Festival. He plays live sets and DJ sets ranging from ambient, noise and experimental music and self-released the EP “Many Scratches Make a World” in 2022 and “Spring’s Fury” in 2024.
artwork by

7038634357 - Perfect Night
mu tate - cicada break
Jar Moff - Financial Glam
Eduardo Reck Miranda, Sarah Watts, Omar Costa Hamido - Zeno for bass clarinet
Martyna Basta - Fragile
FRANKIE - Sappho
Lila - Manos De Mas
Honour - Giz'aard ($uckets)
James Ginzburg - border, dispersing
Evitceles - I Want To Be Eternal
Laurén Maria - Falling Upwards in a Dream
Ronce - Fièvre (ft Exploited Body)
Ben Frost & Francesco Fabris - Maradallir
Ratkiller - 18
Dis Fig ft. The Body - Holy Lance
Talpah - OFFERINGS (Andrea D’Arsiè remix)
TDJ - Open Air feat. fknsyd (Homecoming Mix)
Hunt - 2908 (As If Enchanted Lives In Me)
Ulla - leaves and wish
Daniela Huerta - Seqvana

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