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Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – Kinked w/ Mad

07/03/24 Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – Kinked w/ Mad

For this Wide.Mesh episode Kinked hosted the Berlin based visual artist and dj Mad aka Madalina Gaceanu.

For more info about the palestinian casualties visit this link:

Raise your voice against the genocide, support the Palestinian people.

Photo and sculpture by Lapo Sorride.
Text by Mad.


Hallowed be their names⨥⨥⨥⨥

Te, Dómine, sancte Pater, omnípotens aetérne Deus, ut ei dignéris dare locum refrigérii, lucis et pacis.
Líceat ei portas mortis sine ofensióne transíre
et in mansiónibus sanctórum et in luce sancta permáneat, quam olim Abrahæ et eius sémini promisísti.
Nullam eius ánima sustíneat læsionem.

Almighty and eternal God,
Grant them light, happiness, and peace.
Let them pass in safety through the gates of death, and live forever with all your saints
in the light you have promised
and to all his descendants.

☆:**:. ꩇׁׅ ムᗪ ♛ .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

Batu - Flown
bod [包家巷] - as it stands before us, alive
Yokai Jaki - SDK
Dark0 - Eye Ignite
HENZO - Cheapest Reverb
Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 22 (Parallax Mix]
Piezo - Cyclic Wavez
Tumut5umu - Silk Road
Batu - I Own Your Energy
Mansur Brown - Fade
T5umut5umu - Blue Moon
T5umut5umu - Deconstructed Ego Grime
Commodo - Bitchcrat
Commodo - AMK
Kedr Livanskiy - Celestial Ether
Blood of Aza - Barelleye
Blood of Aza - Wings
User-177606669 - this is the last user song ever
Kurama - For answer
Abadir - e Syriac Club
Manuka Honey - Industrial Princess
Yokai Jaki - IDKAT

Kinked contribute:
Ya Tala'ayn ElJibal, performed by Emel Mathlouthi

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