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Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – Adriano Cava w/ Marco Caizzi

05/04/22 Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – Adriano Cava w/ Marco Caizzi

The screw-wave label Riforma, a fragment of the interdimensional-heterogeneous network called New Weird Italia, presents a series of sound collages hosting artists from the italian-weirdo scene.


1st part by Adriano Cava:
Oca – Stretching in water
Perila – p f r ds i tm
Dolphins into the future – Lava
Adriano Cava – Untitled 3 (upcoming on Union Editions) Miki Yui – Dreaming (Now)
Bellows – 08
Rainbow Island – Corso di mitra (upcoming on Riforma) Exael – Bundle
Xphresh – Luh
Adriano Cava – Untitled 7 (upcoming on UE) Sebastiano Carghini – Blue

2st part by Marco Caizzi (from Rainbow Island):
Biosphere - Translation Autechre - Shimripl Casual Etelin - Moon Marmalade Ben Bondy - Tell Me
Dj Kimchi - Kuesto è il mio Mondo (MORBED BLISS remix) Big Hands - Modulo
Panoram - Z Miles
Moon Juice - A Slow Transistor
The Velvet Underground - Sweet Sister Ray (april 1968 bootleg)

Artwork by Lapo Sorride.

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