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Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – NOT399093 & Equohm

25/05/23 Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – NOT399093 & Equohm

For this new Wide.Mesh episode NOT399093 hosted Equohm, a dj based in Rome and a veteran of the local music scene. He is the co-founder of Since Crew, a collective pushing a cutting-edge approach to music and culture since 2012 through music events, releases (Graft Label, in collaboration with Sobborghi Crew since 2021) and web radio shows (Noods Radio's resident since 2017).


Part 1 (Equohm):

sunun - z.0
Marco Shuttle - Tropicalia
Rer Repeter - Suddenly the Lights Went Out
Camboja - Happy for some mysterious reason
Lamont - It Is What It Izzz
Commodo - Widebody
Sir Hiss - Pharaoh (GUNDAM Remix)
Equohm - Secondo Tango
Manonmars - Armour ft. Birthmark
O$VMV$M - Housephone
Franco Franco - Heatwave ft. Finn McAleer
Mick Harris - Then Three More
Jehst - Body Bag
Om Unit - Acid Tempo
Mlin Patz - Toyota
Kinlaw - Good Court He 24
Scotch Rolex & Shackleton - Opium Vibration
Weird Weather - Tongue Drum
Beta Librae - Pink Arcade
Manonmars & Ishan Sound & Neek - Burning Paper
seekersinternational & wzrdryAV - Bruk Plastic (Version B Mix)
Lamont - Shadows (33 rpm)
Piezo - Amore Tossi

Part 2 (NOT399093):

emer - thriugh the earth
Sänkt - svag
Cloak of Kings - pirates escort you to Doro Island
kinked - wesh
Polysick - A1 (from Sleep Driving)
Roméo Poirer - le bématiste
Adriano Cava - Senza Titolo
Jabu - Boiling Wells (from Side A)
Nueen - the non-now
Señor Service - spaziale splendy 2
hmurd - Forgotten Drawbridge
Graffito - fold
not399093 - älvjö
AIR Krew - Wrong Turn
Dave Saved - Empty Blossoms Still Withering
Rainbow Island - Tulpa Therapy Blues
Quartermasters - Canticle
Devi Tensione - un sisma mentre ci voltiamo le spalle (from side A)

Tango Lento by Equohm
Malta Orlata by NOT399093

Photo by Lapo Sorride.

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