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Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – NOT399093 & Fulvio Castelli

09/06/22 Wide.Mesh (Riforma) – NOT399093 & Fulvio Castelli

Second episode of Riforma's regular show features a mix by the label affiliates NOT399093 and Fulvio Castelli.

not399093 - mostly survival
Ensemble économique - In the clear blue water of memory fat. Jung an tagen
Krush Lumpkin - Rilascio (excerpt from side b)
Adverse chamber- to day retreival
Sebastiano carghini - lingua
Oto Hiax - Hak
not399093 - aimaxx90
Orem Ambrachi & Johan Berthling, Tongue
excerpt from side a of kiji - 2023. Slow Fall.
Tim Hecker - Radio Amor (excerpt from album)
Raccordo Fluviale Subalpino - Raccordo Fluviale Subalpino
Klaus Schultze - Die Grüne Leiche
not399093 - >merves
broshuda - leg

Artwork by Lapo Sorride.

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