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Hypersigil✨ 03 w/ Mariana Carvalho and Zach Hart

04/06/24 Hypersigil✨ 03 w/ Mariana Carvalho and Zach Hart

Hypersigil✨ inaugurates a series of mixes made by guests: individuals met by coincidence between the dense meshes of this reality. They are bodies with whom one has shared enough to feel a special energy inside, something worth immortalizing. Since the power of a hypersigil is stretched out in time, we are not given to know about their meanings in this narrative. We feel their presences, their histories, their eyes and souls, and we are grateful.

The first two guests of this Hypersigil✨ are Mariana Carvalho and Zach Hart.

Mariana Carvalho (São Paulo/Berlin) is a performer, musician and sound artist working with voices, interactions between bodies, (internal) listening, relation, transduction, materials, mail art and prepared piano. Collaboration is a big part of her work, most lately happening in the fields of performative arts.

Zach Hart is an artist based in Berlin. His background as an experimental filmmaker influences his methods of working with sound, live performance, video, and installation. His more recent works are most similar to experimental lectures, but he also works on music. His work often involves collaborators and tends to thematically revolve around ideas of simultaneous presence, mediation and the construction of space.

Idea Fire Company - The Life of the Party
Evol - speed snake
Caetano Veloso - de conversa/cravo e canela
Keiji Haino, Alan Licht - I
Nour Mobarak - Eye of Donkey
Anthony Pateras - There is Danger Only Our Mistakes are New
Devin DiSanto - 3
Asha Sheshadri - Interior Monologues 2
Graham Lambkin - Images in Oyster
The Gerogerigegege - Glans
The Durutti Column - No Communication
Dale Cornish - Acotxador
Mbuti Pipe Ensemble - Luma Pipes
Mbé - Aos meus
This Heat - Shrink Wrap
Dan Graham - Performer/audience/mirror
Ghédalia Tazartès - Charlie’s retire
Augustè Vickunaitè - i invite you out
Wetware - Exaggerated Bliss
Lack - cephalopodiau
Rene Hell - This is Chess
Evol - speed snake
Dibuk - Outro tronco oco
The Walker Brothers - The Electrician
Monte Cazazza - Stairway to Hell

Artwork and sculptures by Lapo Sorride

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