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Hypersigil✨ – Kinked

27/02/24 Hypersigil✨ – Kinked

Hypersigil✨ is a series of mixes stored in the materiality of the web by and 00185fm. The creature Lapo Sorride under the leftfield-ritualist shapes of Kinked presents a meticulous selection of tracks made by different bodies spread around the time-space.

Kinked is ⅓ of the label Riforma, sonic catalog of the intra-active approach and non-style called New Weird Italia.

Artwork and sculptures by Lapo Sorride.

Hyperdown - Interlude
Benjamin Whitehill - The Creak is a Music That Wakes the Dead and Gives Them Permission to Keep Haunting Us
Cristiano Carosi - Vipera Nido Di (extract A Side)
Ratkiller - 3+12
Eduardo Rack Miranda with Sarah Watts and Omar Costa Hamido - Zeno for bass clarinet, electroacustics and quantum computing
DRONE OPERATØR - Expensøve Beer
Don Cherry - Summer House Sessions (extract A Side)
Inwoo Jung - 단단한 물 Solid Water
BL Lacerta - High Energy
BL Lacerta - Third
Polonius - Pisces I
samples by Kinked
Trevor Wishart - Red Bird, A Political Prisoner’s Dream, Part 2
Chantal Michelle - Line of Drift
Sun Araw - Sun Araw’s Super Coracle Movements I-III
JC Leisure - Ludibrium I
JC Leisure - Ludibrium IV
Infant - starlings gulls doves
Grykë Pyje - A Glitch In The Jungle
Folder - Micro directory
Glauco Salvo - 5.46
Cerpintxt - Linger
Subsided - Green
Avizohar - For a Friend
field recordings from Memoria by Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Pyrit - Oiseaux (from the V.A. album IN SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINE)

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