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Hypersigil✨ 04 w/ traumesser

04/07/24 Hypersigil✨ 04 w/ traumesser

Hypersigil✨ inaugurates a series of mixes made by guests: individuals met by coincidence between the dense meshes of this reality. They are bodies with whom one has shared enough to feel a special energy inside, something worth immortalizing. Since the power of a hypersigil is stretched out in time, we are not given to know about their meanings in this narrative. We feel their presences, their histories, their eyes and souls, and we are grateful.

The 3rd guest of Hypersigil✨ is traumesser.

traumesser is the collapsed identity of a catastrophic sound event, an amalgamation of influences, from high-tech post-club productions to abrasive non-musical collages. An unpredictable series of deviations through unstable rhythms, fractured melodic lines and emotionally loaded walls of noise.

Tomáš Dvořák - The Mezzanine
Burial - Hospital Chapel
[club toilet 10.10.23]
traumesser - live on Cashmere Radio for Drone Day 2024 (excerpt)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lambs’ Breath
Lovefear - Inner (feat. 3NDLES5)
[gerichtstraße 01.01.24]
traumesser - unreleased
pita - Eternel
[Ginza 23.11.23]
traumesser - unreleased
Petar Miletic - Cashmere Specials: Drone Day 2024
[kirkkonummi wind 31.08.22]
sleep inc. - unreleased
Katura - unreleased
Francesco Corvi - Time Debris (excerpt)
Dori Sorride - Non Aver Paura [Meynsense Rework]
Bracelet - FR8558
[kirkkonummi pier 31.08.22]
Cazador Huanca - Caprichos del Corazon (Elysia Crampton edit)

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