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pause 07 – PS-2019 Special: Non-Repetitive Cycle

06/05/19 07 – PS-2019 Special: Non-Repetitive Cycle

Special SA)) episode dedicated the 11th International festival of experimental sound PS-2019. The theme of this year's festivals is 'non-repetitive cycle'. The participant artists demonstrate works with prepared objects, spaces and constructs.

::vtol:: –– 16
Rushania Nizamutdinova –– Immersion
Alex Pleninger –– Cerebrus
Alexander Senko –– Concert for NSA (Remix)
Oleg Makarov –– No Repeat Cycle 170922181117
Nikolay Golikov –– Cellula
Boris Shershenkov –– Red Wagon Number Ten
Vadim Logvinov –– Здесь
Eldar Sadykov –– live, love, learn, leave a legacy (Extract)
Yulia Glukhova –– Splitting The Second (Extract)

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