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pause 10 – Soil Test

14/02/20 10 – Soil Test has come a long way from a small group of enthusiasts to an internationally renowned professional community of people who work with the medium of sound. This mix is a soundmark of their nine-year history.

The community's residents kindly submitted their works exploring various sound techniques such as sound programming, acousmatic composition, field recordings, DIY synths, tape music, unreleased ANS samples, folk instruments, voice practices, AI, etc. The tracks for this episode were carefully picked and mixed by SA)) director Vitalina Strekalova.

Yerofeyev — Rdecay
Sergey Filatov — Self-sustained
Boris Shershenkov — Home Sweet Home
Fedor Vetkalov — Call It As You Wish, I Don’t Care
Oleg Makarov — The Gifts
Kraaa — Line
Yulia Glukhova — Circadian Rhythm 2.0 (Extract)
Cisfinitum — swANS
Acousmatist — Low Density
Antanas Jacinevicius — J4G
Aleksandr Yakunichev, Fesikl Mikensky — Unpied Piper
Nikolay Golikov — 1580073515
Monekeer + Lovozero — "They" Is Here (Live Excerpts)
Alexander Senko, Yuri Yaremchuk, Alexy Potapov — 4_3_29
Andrey Sviridov — One Way Transfer
Alexei Borisov — A Beat Of Samost' (Extract)

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