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pause 13 – Essential Request

30/06/20 13 – Essential Request

“Culture is predominantly visual. World of sounds is often perceived as an unnecessary and optional thing. But it’s not. Especially when it comes to noise pollution and terror. Have you ever think of what we could know about our planet if we had sound examples from Upper Paleolithic?”

For this episode, asked its residents to present a piece, addressed to somebody or something, in order to observe the abilities of a contemporary non-musical and non-verbal works to transmit information and witness how the addressee becomes the message itself.

Vlad Dobrovolski — For a forest
Cisfinitum — To the raven
Boris Shershenkov — For your information
rosemary loves a blackberry ft. nowt — For moon mood
holohz — To the desire of keeping anything as it is
::vtol:: — For Sergey
rozovoje ghetto — For Angelina

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