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pause 16 – Artem Slesarev: FM Spectre

01/02/22 16 – Artem Slesarev: FM Spectre

Podcast by Artem Slesarev, a DSP-enthusiast and sound-designer, dedicated to FM synthesis. Comprised of iconic pieces and brief comments on the history of FM, related artists and the technique itself, the episode demonstrates the evolution of FM-synthesis.

John Chowning — Sabelithe
John Chowning — Turenas
Paul Lansky — Mild und Leise
Brian Eno — Stars
Secular Musics of South Yorkshire — Circus of Death
Autechre — Fermium
Mark Fell — Multistability 12
Russell Haswell — RUNG Stochastic FM nO!se
Sophie — Laser


John Chowning's Biography and history of FM
In-depth analysis of FM
Rungler Synthesis

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