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EROTIKA 19 – dave phillips

21/05/19 EROTIKA 19 – dave phillips

Mix by the Swiss sonic activist, composer and performer dave phillips. A collection of processed field recordings, spoken word and some unreleased material, put together into an atmospheric sonic ritual.

00:00 (loss of words) for dmitry vasilyev (“monochrome visions” digital compilation 2018)
00:41 untitled (forthcoming, split-lp with sist en 343, 2019)
06:09 yangmingshan cicadas, a storm comes up, different cicadas resound, kalamoji mountains, taiwan (forthcoming “don’t hurt me for your pretty” china recordings CD, 2019)
08:26 avarice (“clearing” 10” lathe-cut, 2018)
13:41 untitled (forthcoming, tape on etched anomalis, 2019)
16:44 ablenkungsmanöver (“a collection of fingers” digital, 2016)
17:43 small islands (“ritual protest music” lp, 2018)
24:39 opening theme/titles (forthcoming, “the call of cthulhu” soundtrack, digital, 2019)
25:38 outside (is hostile) (“clearing” 10” lathe-cut, 2018)
28:34 mutations 7, excerpt (forthcoming “mutations 6 & 7” tape on perfect law releases)
33:39 once humans turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free but that only permitted other humans with machines to enslave them (“ritual protest music” lp, 2018)
41:01 ffwd (p.h.s.) (“a collection of fingers” digital, 2016)
45:26 untitled (forthcoming, split-lp with sist en 343, 2019)
47:57 things falling apart, excerpt (forthcoming “sixth mass extinction” lp 2019)
51:19 de-anthropo-centralise (forthcoming, split-tape with emerge, 2019)
60:46 night soundscapes at harris weir with bubbling kassinas (“south africa recordings” 2CD, 2016)
63:01 weederdooper night frogs (“south africa recordings” 2CD, 2016)
64:24 we know enough to know how much we will never know (“rise” lp 2017)

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