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EROTIKA 30 – kraaa: archeofuturism III

16/06/20 EROTIKA 30 – kraaa: archeofuturism III

Archeofuturism III is a sound collage by kraaa, which reflects upon the existence of a person thrown into a world they didn't choose.

“The moment of the fleeting present distorts through the anxious future and unbelievable past,” kraaa describes it. “Cultural plates shift creating chasms, while eclectic NPC-virtuality alienates from reality.”

brighter death now - innerwar
Earthworm Jim 2 for Genesis Part 4 - Jim's Now A Blind Cave Salamander
Lucrecia Dalt & Aaron Dilloway - Side B
Yves Tumor feat. James K - Licking An Orchid
OL - Cikadaskit
Von Thronstahl - Atlantisches Tief (The Atlantic Low)
ГрОб - похуй нахуй
DJ Rashad - I Don039t Give A Fuck
Kanista - Gay Nazi Ravers
The Haxan Cloak - Consumed
Johannes Malfatti - Surge
Lil Peep - Save That Shit
Blood Axis - Reign I Forever
Александр Маслаев - они спят
Sd Laika - Great God Pan
Evangelion - Asuka
Ghetto Ass Witch feat. Gvcci Hvcci (Blind Bindings Remix)
Lovozero / Monekeer - They Is Here (live excerpts)
xcavators can play piano
Unit 01 Eva 01 Berserk (EPIC MOMENT)
Театр Яда - пепельная среда
Leo Delibes - The Flower Duet
The Caretaker - Dusk Memory Fraction
здесь всегда иногда_
Moa Pillar - No Expectations
NON - The Fountain of Fortune
Fis - Ak
Frdric Acquaviva - Coma (Text By Voice Pierre Guyotat)
Jung An Tagen - Der Klare Blick
Emra Grid - Theftic Dust I
Current 93 - I Have A Special Plan For This World
Johannes Malfatti - Surge
Kali Malone - Arched In Hysteria
Lana Del Rey - hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it
NET GALA - Internet Celibacy
Nico Niquo - Rafael039s Green in Blue Antibes
HMOT - Veter
aseptic stir - appropriation instinct
S.M.E.S. - Homosapiensphobic
Vladislav Delay - Rakka
Zurkas Tepla - All Cops Are Made in China
Rkss - pack in this series, which consist of 460 mb pure, massive prime-time progressive, electro sounds, combined in 10 construction kit
Sanys - Down And Dirty
Gud - Numb
Lugia's Symphony (from the Pokémon: The Movie 2000!)
onion - Как Она Прорастает

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