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EROTIKA 27 – Lussuria

04/02/20 EROTIKA 27 – Lussuria

Lussuria is a dark-ambient project by Jim Mroz. His gloomy mix for Erotika features layers of hissy drones, harsh noise echoes and mystical chantings.

Sickness - I Have Become the Disease That Made Me
Rogue State - Noise Survey #12
Ambre - Khan
Ex.Order - The Only Way To Heaven
Girny Giesmes - Rupus
Intersystems - Lately
Crank Sturgeon - Ottoman 08
Cyclobe - Sulphur
Bardoseneticcube - Can Be Then….
Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Manifold
Cycle Zero - Theatrum IV
Omne Datum Optimum - A L’Offertoire
Necrophorus - Femmes Aux Tetes Des Fleurs
Nino Rota - La Poupee Automate, II Versione
Skin Crime - A Warning to the Curious
MSBR & Blazen y Sharp - Lbassifoni
Incapacitants - Sky Valley
Anarch Peak - Alpha in Dissent
Reductio Ad Absurdum - Оргазмировинтоласса!
T.G.V.T. - Rinde 8
Giancarlo Toniutti - The Tree
Nico Fidenco - Zombie Holocaust Seq 1
Beherit - Mystik Force
Girny Giesmes - Rupus (reprise)
Rogue State - Senzuri Power Down
Lussuria - The Sitting Room (live in Wroclaw, Nov 2019)

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