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EROTIKA 33 – Leila Bordreuil: Heart to Heart

15/02/21 EROTIKA 33 – Leila Bordreuil: Heart to Heart

Leila Bordreuil, a Brooklyn-based cellist and sound-artist from France, recorded a deep, heavily edited sound collage which features lots of unreleased recordings by her and collaborators such as Bill Nace and Kyle Flanagan. Melancholy and harsh noise.

Tourette - Jardin du sommeil., Jardin du Sommeil. Chant d’amour sur la nuit grandissante,
Kali Malone - Sacrificial Code, The Sacrificial Code
Aaron Dilloway - Tremors, Modern Jester
Leila Bordreuil - Nerve Connection Disrupted, The Dispossessed (unreleased)
Leila Bordreuil + Kyle Flanagan - Untitled, Vol. 1 (unreleased)
Luke Stewart - Pt.I and Pt.II, Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier
Apologist - Memory Space, Dirt Road
Hands To - Gamelon, Unknown
Leila Bordreuil + Bill Nace - Improvisation (unreleased)
Shredded Nerve - Whatever it Takes, Whatever it Takes
Angel Bat Dawid - Destination (Dr. Yusef Lateef), The Oracle

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