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EROTIKA 22 – kraaa: archeofuturism II

22/07/19 EROTIKA 22 – kraaa: archeofuturism II

Archeofuturism II is an eclectic sound collage which combines the modern with the archaic in a sonic experience of the present — a world in time of calamities and transformations, that reveal the fabric of fracture.

Alessandro Moreschi - Domine salvum fac
Ryoji Ikeda - CONTINUUM
Ferrofluide - Machines
Hecker - 88048721
^_^ / ^_^
VVV x Sangam - Lower Calling
Театр Яда - Курс К Наилучшему Наихудшему
Regicide Bureau - Godsong
Mika Vainio Franck Vigroux - Brume
PLO Man - Side A
Jio - Circular Thinking Pt.1
World Counsellor - Untitled
Sewer Election - I Give You My Heart
Henrik Rylander - Malodorous Motion
Valerio Tricoli - In Your Ruins Is My Shelter
S H ❌ M E - Ariel Zetina - Tapestry of the Universe
Steinbr252chel - B
Aaron Dilloway - Karaoke with Cal
HMOT - Save Us
Hotel Neon - Burning Mist
Teresa Winter - For Murder
Cosmic Jokers - Tim Bleibt Bei Uns
Araphel - Darkness Upon The Face Of The Deep
No Artist - 凍る湿原
Тимур Муцураев - Я уйду
ATOE / kraaa - Frater Aurora Aureae
scsch for you 5.2
Elena Ledda - Sette ispadas de dolore
sergei demin - rnmstrd
gnostic dance - YHVH
Klaus Schulze - Satz Ebene
The Sprawl - Haptic Feedback
Balam Acab - Big Boy
Circuitrip - Prototype laboratory
Vacio Perfecto Pharmakustik - Meccanismorte 03
Acute Velleity - hunt
Lovozero - Thing 0 (performed by KYMATIC ensemble and special pure data patch)
здесь всегда иногда_ - пространство контроля осушенных болот
Burial Hex - The Coming Of War
Coil - Another Brown World
Arab Spring - Bodies On Autopilot

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