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inexact 02 – LXV

24/10/19 inexact 02 – LXV

A soothing sonic journey covering a wide range of musical influences by the musician David Wesley Sutton, better known as LXV.

dumb dream intro (Brett Dean - Intimate Decisions)
Harmonic - Tod Dockstader
iphone recording of horseshoes
De Koolmees - Akio Suzuki
No Piano - Theodore Cale Schafer
Vivente - Sofia Gubaidulina
Fed Back 1 - Pauline Oliveros
Szczecin - 1988
There Is No Set Process - Patrick Gallagher
Indigoblau - Thomas Brinkmann
Shortwave Radio Loop
Taking Off To The Clouds - FH HF
A Phone Ringing Into Eternity - Bobby Flan
Rise Fall Run - Art Crime
Ms. Meteo (poolside mix) - Mira Calix
πoem I - Vlad Dobrovolski
endtape - Rene J. Nunez
Untitled (Rejerks Vol. 4) - Nautical Almanac
Hyönteisistä - Pan Sonic
Fifty Yard Stare - Hanz
Hear You ft. Whiterose - Tristan

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