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inexact 07 – ju ca

12/05/20 inexact 07 – ju ca

A selection of atmospheric ambience and texture-rich digital rustle. ju ca’s latest musical release called 'Chasms' came out earlier this year on angoisse label.

csb – melancholia
unknown – 02
kim cascone – dust theories
terre thaemlitz – trucker (burnt by the muffler edit)
reformed faction – in advance of the broken arc
page – reef
scanner – incarceration
dj spooky – nodal flux
delire – untitled
rb – eternie
higher intelligence agency & biosphere – augusta road
final – fall
pimmon – at five to six
colin towns – pretty men are very receptive
william eggleston – untitled improvisation DAT 3.1 2.79 
spear – cipher
susanna gartmayer – u
theodore cale schafer – hinoki
ju ca – untitled distress 
ju ca – hiding our long shadows like wilted flowers, or words that fell like murmurs unable to touch “live”

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