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inexact 12 – Noi

17/11/20 inexact 12 – Noi

Amedeo Inglese or Noi is a Berlin-based sound designer, composer and a member of the audiovisual and performance project Tetra. His mix features gentle, heliacal ambient pieces, often melodic and uplifting, accompanied by quiet rustling and soft percussion.

Jovian Path - Autotrace
Philip Grass - Mt. St Helens
Ellen Arkbro- Mountain of air
Rowan Evans - Bird
Skeleton Zoo - The Yawning Canopy
Loft - Filton
Adam Kroll - Fish Tank nr 1
Moon wheel - The world is of sunset colour
Mistareez - Errant Cloud
Noi - Strain
Sarah_Neufeld and Colin Stetson - And Still They Move
7038634357 - No Hate Is A Cold Star
Tbslc - Gaze
Paolo Pastorino - Homéostasie
From e - Something left over
Peter Sweeney - Ambient 1

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