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inexact 11 – Evan Caminiti

06/10/20 inexact 11 – Evan Caminiti

Evan Caminiti, an artist based in California, offers a lush collection of ambient slow burners for this episode of inexact mix series.

mu tate:
“I was first introduced to Evan’s collaborative project Barn Owl. His solo work involves playing with almost tangible sonic textures and mutated drone synths. This year he released a beautiful new album on his own label Dust Editions.”

Eiko Ishibashi - Hyakki Yagyo
Jon Hassell - Moons of Titan
Growing - Humming Amps and Broken Strings Sing…
Vestals - True Lies (Evan Caminiti edit)
Lamin Fofana - Plenum
Jake Muir - Reservoir of Memory (forthcoming sferic)
Florian T M Zeisig- First Version
Deadbeat and Paul St. Hilaire - War Games
C Lavender - Dimly Lit Exit
John Kolodij - Geometry of Space
Higuma - Live at Cafe Oto 11/11/11
Bellows - 04 (Undercurrent)
Catherine Christer Hennix - Equal Temperament Fender Mix
KMRU - Solace

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