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inexact 15 – Mark Dartau

15/04/21 inexact 15 – Mark Dartau

An intense set of heavy droning textures, sliced with abstract electronics and broken rhythms mixed by Mark Dartau, a selector from St. Petersburg and a co-curator of the “Smaile” experimental music events taking place in Riga.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt - The Weight Of History
Elektricheskaya Sobaka - Leaving Votkinsk
/pulsr_ - dimorphia:B
Lovozero - Descend Pt. II
Wishmountain, Matthew Herbert - The Cough
Gimmik - Square Two
Neinzer - Cause Pan Tact Insoluble
Nikolay Kozlov - Asteps
Andrea - LG_Amb
Ulla - Something I Can’t Show
Mantle of Gets - Bt Exercise BEG (Joa2t.4d904073)

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